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  Professional FPC Manufactory - Fine pitch、Rigid-Flex and HDI design Circuit

Yeu Hwan Technology Corporation was established in December 1999. Yeu Hwan is the first leading company which devotes to providing a worldwide professional OEM service for high level inner and outer layer printed circuit board lamination. Furthermore, with specialized management, innovative technologies, and combining modernistic equipments, Yeu Hwan improves the production processes and capability to satisfy customers' order efficiently. In short, we can provide prompt delivery and save the manufacturing cost of products. Besides, our tight relationship with affiliated suppliers, correct marketing strategy and excellent financial management compliment one another and bring us an advantaged competitiveness in the high-technique-demand industry.

Therefore, Yeu Hwan appeals to numbers of main issuing companies and well-known brands worldwide. Since we have had good reputations of quality, well-developed logistics of delivery and intimate relationships with customers, Yeu Hwan performs its excellencies continuously.

Moreover, Yeu Hwan group foreseen the potentiality of FPC industry and initiated a plan of the FPC factory development in the begging of 2002 so as to adopt the changeable market of information products. Our construction of FPC factory started from October 2003, and by June 2004, the FPC factory began its mass production and was fully dedicated in September 2004.

Yen Hwan FPC factory has targeted itself as a FPC factory which has complete manufacturing processes, and sets focuses on OEM business of FPC、Rigid-Flex circuit and HDI designed board. These focuses include SMT and assembly services for those customers who are system integration manufacturers and contribute products in the area of TFT/STN -LCD/LCM, Cell-Phone, Note Book, Digital Camera, PDA and DVD Player, etc...

Yeu Hwan is a perfect example of the FPC factory which can provide a total solution of the fine line, multi-layer, rigid-flex circuit and HDI design products. Also, our producing equipments are at the same level as the ones used in Japanese leading FPC manufactories. They provide much better ability for improving the yield rate and fine line etching than most of the other domestic machines, especially in high-technique-demand multi-layer and rigid-flex circuit board. Accordingly, our fine line can reach a fitness for use of 1.5/1.5 mil (37um). As the result, Y.H is a particularly noteworthy company in the FPC industry.